On Friday, December 8th at 6:30 pm we invite you for two works by mjo't (UK/IE). We start with the documentary Ten Lives of a Cat: A film about Chris Maker, followed by a live multimedia performance.

mjo’t is a British/Irish interdisciplinary artist, primarily working in film, music composition, and performance. His work is centred around themes of transculturalism and memory. NU-EXPO will showcase his two most recent major works.

Ten Lives of a Cat: A film about Chris Marker (2023)

(Documentary / Essay)

“Ten years after the death of iconic French filmmaker, Chris Marker. This filmmaker, hoping to rediscover that unique sensibility against the uncertainty of the new century. Returns to the places synonymous with those incomparable and unforgettable films. From the cat cemetery of Sans Soleil, to the mausoleum of The Last Bolshevik. The caves of Level Five, to the rooftops of The Case of the Grinning Cat. All the while, casting a biographical portrait and thematic rerun, of one of the 20th centuries greatest and most misunderstood filmmakers.”
Ten Lives of a Cat premiered as a part of the Visions du Réel IDF in Nyon, Switzerland.

Matthew Xata: THE MAZE

(Electronic Body Music / Synth / Punk)

Matthew Xata is an ongoing multimedia project that combines various elements of internet music culture, performance art and punk to illustrate various global historical and political themes. The project has been presented throughout Europe, including multiple performances in Seoul and Tokyo in 2017.

THE MAZE (2022) is a project exploring the unlikely shared history of two seemingly unrelated nations, Ireland and Ukraine. Focusing on occupation, revolution, famine and martyrdom. The work was made over several years whilst living in Kyiv.

Join us on Friday, December 8th at 6:30 for NU-EXPO, poster design by Paul Voggenreiter