Join us for a screening of the immersive documentary LA MAUVAISE HERBE / THE BAD WEED, a Belgian movie by Gaëtan Leboutte is an immersive documentary about alternative methods of teaching. The screening will be followed by a discussion.

29.03 | 19:00 | TaM
La Mauvaise Herbe / The Bad Weed
Language: French | Subtitles: English

LA MAUVAISE HERBE is the story of the last high school term of two teenagers at the Alter École – a school space in alternative pedagogy.

The story of Merlin who prefers the quietness of his vegetable garden to the din of our society and that of Elie who slowly awakens to political activism to better denounce social injustice. Two boys who are said to be “ill-bred” because they are more in tune with who they are. Two young adults who question the self-destructive society that brought them into the world and which they have decided, each in their own way, to question. In the grip of their desire for autonomy and the demands of school, these two teenagers are awakening to the world, like young people of their age and generation.

The movie will be followed by a DISCUSSION with Nell Lenoir, former student of the Alter École who studied together with Merlin & Elie. Since then, she has pursued diverse alternative types of education, and is currently part of the Youth Initiative Program (YIP).